Immersive experience in National museum of Oslo

Studio ProuvostTelling the vision of Laura Prouvost with the freedom of Virtual Reality

Studio Prouvost

Clients Objective

With our previous collaboration together, Laure Prouvost got the opportunity to have an exhibition about the migration poem in the National Museum of Oslo. Here we had the opportunity to create one the exhibition's main focus, the VR-storytelling experience.

Studio Prouvost
Studio Prouvost
Studio Prouvost

Project specifics

The challenge of this project was the environment where the VR-headsets would be used in. We were able to create a complete kiosk-experience where everything runs automatically.
- Automatic charging of the VR-headsets
- Automatic start of the VR-video and reset after use.

This with a complete back-end system to be able to re-configure the VR-headsets from any location in the world.

Studio Prouvost

Project results

After three months of research and development, we were ready to head to Oslo for the recording days. In total I had three days from recording day until the live launch of the exhibition.We connected analytics to the VR-headset to receive real-time statistics about the usage. We have around 1200 unique viewers a day with a retentionrate of 4 minutes and 45 seconds (full video is 6 minutes).

These statistics in Virtual Reality are a great succes, completely branded and installed inside of a straw basket on location.

Studio Prouvost
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